7 Reasons to Study in Australia

The sixth biggest country in the world, Australia is also the smallest continent on the planet and has one of the most diverse environments and a booming economy. The 4th freest economy, according to the 2015 index, Australia is home to some of the biggest mining, horticulture, fishing and other industries. Moreover numerous Australian universities repeatedly rank among the top fifty universities around the world. The country is symbolized by its openness to foreign students and the ease of application that it provides. With a number of courses in engineering, healthcare, life sciences, humanities and arts, among others, it offers a diverse range of education options to students. Here are the top ten reasons you should study in Australia: Australia is a multi-cultural and highly vibrant society. It is a highly welcoming society and is a largely English speaking country. Travelling is safe here and the people are friendly. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth etc. offer an amazing standard of living and are often considered to be among the most beautiful cities in the world. This country, despite its obvious opulence and beauty is considerably cheaper to live in than the USA or the UK. Universities more often than not offer scholarships and the students can avail of internship opportunities that can help the students pay their way. Students of healthcare courses or even hospitality can find internships to increase their job prospects. Universities and institutes also allow students to work for twenty hours every week, something that is essential for most foreign students. Australia is a multicultural society and is home to students from about 150 countries around the world. People from more than 200 countries around the world have already immigrated to Australia making it one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. This makes international students well accepted and easily assimilated into Australian education institutes and universities. India is the second largest source country for Australia, in terms of international students, only after China, and is all set to overtake it in the coming years. A report published in The Guardian states that the almost one-third of all students studying in the UK found it difficult to obtain visas and almost 18 percent though that it was too long and lengthy a process. No such trouble with Australian visas. They are thoroughly checked and have minimal red tape ensuring that your student visa will face no delay. The simple fact that universities are so receptive towards international students also helps in obtaining student visas. Unlike the US which gives preference to IT professionals and the UK which shuts its doors for doctors, Australia is a far more open to students staying back and working in the country. It accepts people from a variety of disciplines from agriculture to aeronautics to actuaries, students from a variety of streams can find jobs in the booming Australian economy. Australian education institutes, colleges and universities have produced 15 Nobel laureates and are recognized around the world for their excellence. The University of Adelaide, The University of Melbourne, Curtin University for Mining (Perth), Queensland University for Hospitality are some of the most easily recognized universities in the country. Over and above that the Monash University, The University of New South Wales, The University of Sydney and the University of Western Australia are some of the institutes of higher learning usually preferred by international students. The Australian education system allows for three types of education institutions. Private institutions, which are public funded institutions, TAFE, or government funded institutions, or Universities which are also funded by the government. The students can compare the difference in the fees and make a decision that best suits their interests accordingly.